Training Business Strategy and Plan A Comprehensive Approach

Training Business Strategy and Plan A Comprehensive Approach

Negocios portada 2 - Training Business Strategy and Plan A Comprehensive Approach

Training Business Strategy and Plan A Comprehensive Approach – The inspiration behind this programme is simple, to provide managers with a “strategic toolkit” of tools, techniques, models and applications that you can apply to your business role in order to define, build and execute a robust strategic framework.

Strategy is an area that can be easily overlooked by managers lacking formal training in strategic issues. Often strategy is viewed as something that comes down from above and it’s our job to make it happen. However, imagine the benefits of developing the core skills and competences to be able to implement and apply strategic principles within your department or function. In the modern corporate arena many managers spend so much time working in the business (functional) that they neglect the importance of actually working on the business (strategic).

Developing an understanding of the differences between corporate strategic level thinking and the business planning issues that a manager is faced with every day is just one of the critical gaps that this course will help you to fill.
Business planning is the practical delivery of the desired strategic vision. Within organizations this can relate to growth through the launching of new products, the development of new markets, the making of plans for company acquisitions or divestment and disposal of loss making entities.

Through both “efficient” and “effective” planning, managers will be better positioned to recognise the future growth areas and to pre-empt the potential problem ones before they impact badly on their firm.
The programme will equip you with a thorough grounding in a wide range of strategic practices and processes. You will also benefit from developing the analytical and questioning skills that are a fundamental part of the strategic process.
If you are a professional who is committed to high performance and results, this course will prove invaluable.

Training Business Strategy and Plan A Comprehensive Approach

Pokok-Pokok Bahasan Training Business Strategy and Plan A Comprehensive Approach

  • Strategy Thinking and Mindset
  • Setting the Strategic and Business Planning Framework
  • People and Culture
  • Strategic Frameworks
  • Strategic Tools
  • Products and Markets
  • Financial
  • Fasilitas Training
    • Lokasi Training di Hotel Bintang 3-5
    • Sertifikat Training
    • Modul Materi (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
    • Flashdisk
    • Training Kit (Co-Card, Bolpoin, & Buku Catatan)
    • Souvenir Eksklusif
    • 1x Makan Siang dan 2x Coffee Break (Jam 10:00 & 14:00)
    • Penjemputan Bandara – Hotel (Pulang-Pergi selama pelatihan)
    Biaya dan Lokasi Training
    • Yogyakarta : Rp 6.800.000,- / Peserta
    • Bandung : Rp 7.600.000,- / Peserta
    • Jakarta : Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta
    • Surabaya : Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta
    • Malang : Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta
    • Semarang : Rp 7.200.000,- / Peserta
    • Solo : Rp 7.500.000,- / Peserta
    • Bali : Rp 7.000.000,- / Peserta (Minimal 2 peserta)
    • Lombok: Rp 7.400.000,- / Peserta (Minimal 2 peserta)
    • Biaya diatas jika 1 perusahaan hanya mengirimkan 1 peserta.
    • Jumlah peserta memperngaruhi biaya diatas, jadi jika 1 perusahaan mengirimkan 2 atau lebih peserta maka biayanya dapat dibawah (turun) dari biaya yang tertera diatas.
    • Biaya dan Lokasi diatas hanya untuk Private Training dan Public Training, untuk In House Training penawarannya dapat menghubungi kami dilink berikut (kontak kami).
    • Jumlah peserta, jadwal training dan lokasi training dapat menyesuaikan permintaan.
    • Pemintaan lokasi yang diluar daftar diatas dapat menghubungi kontak Marketing Kami.

    Untuk melihat jadwal pelatihan ini kunjungi Jadwal Training Update dan jika ingin mendaftar pelatihan ini, silakan isi form di Formulir Pendaftaran.


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    Formulir Pendaftaran

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    Jadwal Training Terbaru di Jogja, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Lombok. Lihat Jadwal Fix Running dan Dapatkan penawaran harga murah & diskon dari Kami. Jadwal Pelatihan  Bulan Januari, Februari, Maret, April, Mei, Juni, Juli, Agustus, September, Oktober, November, Desember Fix Running.



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